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Family Lifestyle Films

We Document your everyday life. There are very few things I am sure of in this life, but change is most certainly one of them. Your children will grow up. Those tiny little voices will become deeper one day and the sleepy Saturday mornings you spend cuddling in bed and playing at the park, will slowly morph into watching your busy teenagers spend time with friends and preparing for college visits.

While this is both a beautiful and challenging part of life, documenting your days right now, with a film, is a special and unique gift for you, your children and the generations to come. You will not regret having these priceless memories on video to keep forever. They will become even more valuable with every passing year! Our Family Life Style Films take place in your home. The honour of sharing these moments with you is what makes me love what I do. So, if you are longing for a these memories to be capturing your stage in life – I would love to work with you to capture the soul of these moments in beautiful keepsake films for you. 

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