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About Me

Renee’s passion lies within learning and having a deep understanding of the story behind the photo, the souls’ story that is called to shine through the final imagery. Ren celebrates people, she celebrates life & love, and tenderly captures heartache and adversity and all the emotions in between, she creates a safe space that freezes candid moments in time. With a talent for creating an environment where the client no longer feels intimidated by the camera, rather one with the intimate experience. 

With her diverse artistic photographic offerings, Renee captures all of life’s magical moments, from your Wedding Day, to Family Portraits, to the birth of your newborn or the fun of your toddlers playing in the sand, she feels a deep of gratitude whilst experiencing your family in its true essence, and becoming part of your story, capturing your moments for history.

With the recent expansion of Renee’s offerings, she is now delivering an exciting new project to further capture your souls’ story. Her Videography and Editing skills provide the complete package to capture your families’ stories and translate them into beautiful, heartfelt video and imagery that you will watch back for years to come. Riding the wave of technology and videography, Ren delivers a cutting-edge video production of the highest quality for you to cherish for eternity. An absolute must have in the family archives of memories.

On top of being a photographer, videographer & visionary, Renee is also a wife, and mother of three beautiful children. Capturing her own children playing with the horses in the paddock, getting dirty in the mud, squabbling in the bath, she understands capturing the true essence of love through the lens. Have your souls story captured by Renee Delicata.

Renee Delicata is the owner of Soul Story Photography. Renee is an Accredited Professional AIPP, Qualified Newborn Central Coast Photographer who specialises in Family Portraits Central Coast, Family Lifestyle Films and Wedding Photography Central Coast. Renee holds a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Photography. 

Renee Delicata is a name on the Central Coast with a reputation that precedes itself. With over 20 years in the industry, countless accolades, awards, and qualified first aid officer Ren has a skill that translates ideas and life events through the lens into visions that make your heart throb for years to come. With exciting new videography offerings her style and skill will capture all of your family’s special moments and souls’ stories in time

"When asked what I do, I say I craft the stories of souls from behind my lens. "

The title ‘photographer’ does not come close to capturing the essence of who she is and what she delivers, she is an artist, an empath, a visionary with innovative processes that bring life to a studio or set. Yes, she does take photos, but each and every one of her images has a story and tells a story. Whether it be for a family, a film or a wedding – She shoots, crafts and designs images and content that helps tell a story of or for my clients. 

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