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It’s probably the question I’m asked the most at Soul Story Photography – ‘what should we wear to our family photoshoot?’.

Believe me – I get it. These photos are to last a lifetime and will proudly be displayed in your home, on your walls and passed around to loved ones. You don’t want them to clash or date and so what you’re wearing matters. Especially when there’s more than one person in them.

As well as this article, I’m happy to provide advice and ideas on what colours, styles and patterns work well together and also, photograph best! If you’ve already chosen outfits, I’m happy to provide feedback on how they’ll photograph too.

A few tips to consider when selecting what to wear for your family photoshoot:

Simple is best. And easiest.

The first tip for wardrobe – keep it simple. When selecting clothes, try to avoid anything that is overly patterned or bright enough to light up a room. You do not have to match each other entirely!

Complimenting colours and clothing from the same colour palette family helps to achieve unity and not a complete “matchy matchy” vibe of everyone in the same colour/outfit.

So think, soft (not harsh) variations within a general colour palette and combinations and avoid any large written graphics (like logos), busy patterns (stripes/dots etc) and clashing prints in general.

Denim and black are great for pairing with other colour families and generally are complimentary to silhouettes and don’t go out of fashion (if the jean type isn’t too ‘out there’).

The Accessories Is it cooler weather? Don’t be afraid to accessorise with scarves and jackets if your photoshoot will be outdoor and same for hats and layers in warmer weather. These accessories tend to add pops of textures and colour to your photos and also make great props and provide more than one look throughout the photoshoot.

Don’t limit yourself to just one outfit Bring a change of clothes for each of you! That way we can shoot more than one outfit creating a vibe of more than one photoshoot, and also – your kids are safe if there are any accidents or too much fun had in the water (I know this one from personal experience at my own family shoot).

Flexibility here is key – we would rather capture a happy child wearing something they feel comfortable in (or not wearing when it comes to shoes and the likes), than have miserable babies and children who are forced to wear or pose in ways they’d prefer not to.

Avoid anything that doesn’t fit properly

That means anything that is too tight, to big, doesn’t fit arms and legs etc. Think about when you’re posing, if you sit/bend/crouch/jump – does it creep up or down?

Kids are very active little critters and so we know, bruises and scratches are pretty much a given so also consider any bruising that will show on the arms and legs of children.

If you look through our gallery https://www.soulstoryphotography.com.au/portraits, pay attention to the images that catch your eye. Break it down, what is it that is attracting you to that image? Is it the background/backdrop? Is it what the people are wearing? The colour pallet? This is a great starting point to help you choose what is right for your family when it comes to your family photoshoot.

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Both my thoughts and my heart have been going out to those who were excited to marry their partners during this unknown time of Covid. For all of the weddings that had hours of planning, weeks of savings and copious amounts of loved poured into them that sadly, were postponed or cancelled.

Marrying your fiancé is a time for celebration, for love, for certainty – and sadly for so many this year they were faced with uncertainty instead.

As a photographer and more precisely a wedding photographer, I’ve missed capturing the love stories of others and my business has taken a hit. What was a schedule full of bookings, turned instead to me thinking of ways to pivot. With family photoshoots and wedding’s off the cards – I was missing this beautiful, heartfelt passion of mine.

So as the restrictions started to lift in NSW, I felt such a sense of relief and excitement –

brides could regroup and get back to planning their perfect day, husbands could look

forward to the moment of seeing their bride to be walk down the aisle on their wedding day and I could be there, to capture it all as their wedding photographer.

I’m aware that times are still uncertain – so, as a wedding photographer, I have made

changes to my rescheduling and cancellation fees and terms to allow postponing and peace of mind for my couples where Covid is related. This may mean lost income for me, but it also means that my clients can rest easy knowing that this would be one thing they won’t have to worry about should Covid affect their weddings plans in the future.

With so many weddings cancelled/postponed from 2020 – I strongly believe that there will be an even higher demand on wedding venues and suppliers in the Hunter Valley, Central Coast and Newcastle regions as couples begin (re)booking for 2021 – 2022.

As your wedding day is full of so much love, laughter and joy (not to mention the busyness) – there are so many beautiful moments you won’t witness in person. I love knowing that I’m capturing a moment of shared laughter between guests, a tear falling from the mother of the bride, pure love and adoration on the grooms face as he sees his almost wife for the first time. Knowing that these moments will stay with you forever in frames around your house, in wedding albums that you’ll reminisce through on anniversary’s – share with family and friends.

If you’re ready to start making plans for your wedding, please reach out to chat about your photography, I’d love to have an open conversation on how this looks at the moment, how I’ve adjusted my pricing and terms to better suit you and the current circumstances.

It all begins and ends with love after all.

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I was lucky enough to work with some pretty amazing women this month in the Hunter Valley (one of my favourite places too, lucky me!). We managed to pull 10 inspiring female entrepreneurs together for a mini personal branding photoshoot.

Each shoot was personal to each client and no two of them looked the same - they represented their personal brand after all.

Angela and Jade are both loving their new personal branding images - already using them throughout their social media campaigns and digital marketing:

Given the feedback from the photoshoot I think these women are stoked with the process and the outcome and I certainly loved working on this shoot with them.

"Ren Delicata did an amazing job capturing our personalities, our Vision and what we are creating"
"Thank you Ren for making this easy, fun and not awkward - it felt natural and relaxing and i believe you capture each of our personalities perfectly - thank you."

If you're interested in having a personal branding photoshoot - I'd love to chat about how I can help portray your brand, so please reach out to discuss further.

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