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Weddings during Covid

Both my thoughts and my heart have been going out to those who were excited to marry their partners during this unknown time of Covid. For all of the weddings that had hours of planning, weeks of savings and copious amounts of loved poured into them that sadly, were postponed or cancelled.

Marrying your fiancé is a time for celebration, for love, for certainty – and sadly for so many this year they were faced with uncertainty instead.

As a photographer and more precisely a wedding photographer, I’ve missed capturing the love stories of others and my business has taken a hit. What was a schedule full of bookings, turned instead to me thinking of ways to pivot. With family photoshoots and wedding’s off the cards – I was missing this beautiful, heartfelt passion of mine.

So as the restrictions started to lift in NSW, I felt such a sense of relief and excitement –

brides could regroup and get back to planning their perfect day, husbands could look

forward to the moment of seeing their bride to be walk down the aisle on their wedding day and I could be there, to capture it all as their wedding photographer.

I’m aware that times are still uncertain – so, as a wedding photographer, I have made

changes to my rescheduling and cancellation fees and terms to allow postponing and peace of mind for my couples where Covid is related. This may mean lost income for me, but it also means that my clients can rest easy knowing that this would be one thing they won’t have to worry about should Covid affect their weddings plans in the future.

With so many weddings cancelled/postponed from 2020 – I strongly believe that there will be an even higher demand on wedding venues and suppliers in the Hunter Valley, Central Coast and Newcastle regions as couples begin (re)booking for 2021 – 2022.

As your wedding day is full of so much love, laughter and joy (not to mention the busyness) – there are so many beautiful moments you won’t witness in person. I love knowing that I’m capturing a moment of shared laughter between guests, a tear falling from the mother of the bride, pure love and adoration on the grooms face as he sees his almost wife for the first time. Knowing that these moments will stay with you forever in frames around your house, in wedding albums that you’ll reminisce through on anniversary’s – share with family and friends.

If you’re ready to start making plans for your wedding, please reach out to chat about your photography, I’d love to have an open conversation on how this looks at the moment, how I’ve adjusted my pricing and terms to better suit you and the current circumstances.

It all begins and ends with love after all.

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