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Top 100 of The Australia Photography Awards

What started as a personal passion after a move to the beautiful sunny Central Coast, has turned into an achievement I’ve been dreaming of since I first placed my camera around my neck. 

Having not one, but THREE of my landscape images in the top 100 for Australia in the Australian Photography Awards is a dream come true! 

The Australian Photography Awards celebrates the Nation's photographers in a range of categories including Landscape, Portrait, Aerial, Travel, and many more. Entering the Landscape category pushed me to supply some of my most impactful shots to create movement within the viewer. 

My first winner captures the beautiful serene shoreline of “putty Beach” and motivates the viewer to imagine the warmth of the sun, the freshwater on their skin, the laughter of others on the beach and the soothing noise of waves crashing majestically to shore. I took this image with my mavric pro 2 drone, and it reminded me of a painting that has been done in water colours by an artist.

The next was captured with Mavic pro 2 drone and is an aerial view of the shoreline of the tessellated pavement, except this one features waves crashing against rocks and a cliff face. The contrast of the deep green ocean, the white of the crashing waves and the rich brown of the rocks brings together two of Australia’s greatest land covers. 

Last but certainly not least is my, now award-winning, shot of the great open road at lindis pass NZ. At the forefront, you’ve got golden hills as far as the eye can see, but from this view – you can see the snow-topped mountains in the near distance backed by a brilliant backdrop of bright blue skies and white, luminous clouds. 

I’m so excited to share this incredible feat with some of Australia’s top photographers and will wear my badge (or at least my images will) with pride! 

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