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Hunter Valley Mini Personal Branding Photoshoot

I was lucky enough to work with some pretty amazing women this month in the Hunter Valley (one of my favourite places too, lucky me!). We managed to pull 10 inspiring female entrepreneurs together for a mini personal branding photoshoot.

Each shoot was personal to each client and no two of them looked the same - they represented their personal brand after all.

Angela and Jade are both loving their new personal branding images - already using them throughout their social media campaigns and digital marketing:

Personal Branding Photoshoot - Use in Social Media Marketing

Business Brand Photoshoot

Given the feedback from the photoshoot I think these women are stoked with the process and the outcome and I certainly loved working on this shoot with them.

"Ren Delicata did an amazing job capturing our personalities, our Vision and what we are creating"
"Thank you Ren for making this easy, fun and not awkward - it felt natural and relaxing and i believe you capture each of our personalities perfectly - thank you."

If you're interested in having a personal branding photoshoot - I'd love to chat about how I can help portray your brand, so please reach out to discuss further.

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