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Fun with these kidlets

What a fun afternoon we had down at the park. I absolutely loved meeting these 2 kids that i haven't seen since little Miss V was a little baby. She was very excited to see me and even said she was going to hold my hand and be my best friend. I have been shooting this little family for many years, it all started when i shot there mum and dads wedding. Then Mr Js new born pics and its just been one memory after another and i love seeing them grow up. Each and ever shoot gets more and more fun as the years go on. This time around i was shown some very interesting poses that the kids asked me to photograph. From Karate poses to dance poses it was lots of fun and all though they might not be the poses that we will hang on the wall i photographed them any ways, cause theses are the poses that make them smile and we can capture the moments in between. Cause shooting kids is all about having fun right??

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