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An Accredited Professional Photographer is a photographer, who doesn't just claim to be a "professional" but earns that title by successfully completing the rigorous AIPP accreditation process.

Accreditation is designed to give you, the consumer, confidence that your Professional Photographer is a proven, experienced, technically capable, professional practitioner, who complies with all legal business requirements, has appropriate insurance and who is willing to agree to the mandatory Code of Professional Practice and to the requirement to continually improve their photographic skills by committing to continue their professional development.

To become accredited, a Professional Photographer has to:

  1. Demonstrate that they have been practising for a minimum of 2 years.

  2. Demonstrate that they have satisfied clients and suppliers by providing written references.

  3. Demonstrate that they comply with all legal, ethical and moral business requirements to practice as a professional in Australia.

  4. Demonstrate that their photographic skills are of our required "Professional Standard".

  5. Agree to have a portfolio of their work, assessed by a panel of experienced AIPP image assessors.

  6. Achieve the required portfolio assessment standard.

  7. Agree to continue their professional development through the AIPP CPD program, maintaining up to date skills and business practices each year.

The AIPP continually monitors its accreditation requirements to ensure that the standard for accredited membership is appropriate for the profession of photography in 2019 and beyond. Full details of the current accreditation requirements are available HERE.

In this day and age, there are many people who call themselves a "professional". But how can you be sure?

It is an unfortunate fact that in Australia, the imaging industry is not held accountable to the same legal status and regulatory requirements as other Government and state-regulated professions.

In the area of creative services, this can often be seen as a good thing, allowing fresh new people to work in this area without the restrictions and barriers to entry often required by other professions.

But it can also be a problem, allowing anyone to call themselves a professional, without any recourse, any accountability and any attempt to adhere to agreed and appropriate standards.

The AIPP Accreditation Process

The AIPP have addressed this dilemma by encouraging photographers and video producers, to enter the profession by providing a membership pathway ultimately leading to becoming an ACCREDITED PROFESSIONAL.    

Using an Accredited Professional means that:

  • You are working with a professional whose status has been formally validated and recognised.

  • You are working with a professional who you can trust.

  • You are working with a professional whose creativity is constantly pushed and developed.

  • You are working with a professional who is a member of the only recognised professional imaging membership body in Australia.

  • You are working with a professional who adheres to OUR required level of service and quality, a standard we set, regardless of the standards the professional sets for themselves.

  • You are working with a professional who has been through our accreditation process.

  • You are working with a professional who is bound by our Code of Professional Practice.

If you want to make sure you choose a Professional Photographer, or Video Producer, make sure you LOOK FOR THE LOGO and choose an ACCREDITED professional.

There is an AIPP Accredited Professional Photographer, or Video Producer in every field of professional image making; you can find your professional with the AIPP SEARCH FOR A PRO.

You can find out more by visiting the AIPP wesbite at


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Keeping memories alive - what else is more important than that?

This is something I have been thinking a lot about lately, ways in which we can keep our memories alive and why it's so important to do so.

A school friend of mine is quite ill and having not see her for around 20 years (yes, showing my age there) - I have been searching for photos of her or the two of us. I've searched high and low - looking back through Facebook memories, through the gallery on my phone, my phone backups and it's prompted something within me.

How much easier it would have been to search through a physical photo album instead...

As busy, active beings - we live very full lives and there's something that will always pull on my heart strings... Taking a stroll down memory lane. Nostalgia, remembering all of the moments with my friends and family, where there was happiness and love. And heartbreak too, sadness, it's all about of our lives and what makes us who we are and fills this journey that we're on.


When I grow old and the wrinkles take up residence on my skin I want to be able to leave my kids with a legacy of photos full of memories from their childhood, their teenage years, adult hood, their children and their children’s children... I want them to have still moments captured of their me and their father, their siblings, our home, all of the firsts. First birthday, first tooth, first day of school, awards nights, graduations. All of it.

If those photos are only ever kept digital, on my phone, on our laptops, on hard drives, 'the cloud' - hiding and wasting away, it makes it harder for us to reminisce. And if something ever happened to our devices, all of those captured memories would be lost!

Print those photos so they can be passed down and kept forever. Let them fill your walls, shelves, wallets. Bring them out at family get togethers - flick back through them. Laugh at that hairstyle, those clothes, that boyfriend. Bring your hand to your heart as you remember the times that made you laugh and cry.

So I've set myself and annual goal from 2020 on - I'm going print my photos and make a year book.

What will you do to cherish your memories?

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Do you have someone in your life that loves & supports you and what you do/love?

For Sophie, that person is her mum – Suzanne. And she loves horses, especially her beautiful horse, Fame.

It helps that Suzanne loves horses as well, in fact – she works on a racing stud!

This equestrian photoshoot meant the world to Sophie as her mum, her horse and her pug, Lola are very precious to her. You can feel the love and warmth in the photographs and now, that is something that Sophie will keep forever.

All our lifestyle portrait photoshoots are a great way to capture the love and specialness of a moment in time. Imagine having one of these beautiful prints in your home if you were Sophie and all of the emotions and fond memories it will recreate each time she looks at it?

Who/what would you include in your special photoshoot?

Sophie selected the equestrian photoshoot @ $200. The $200 shoot fee converts to print credits to be used at time of gallery viewing and image selection. All selected prints will be supplied along with their digital file.

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